Experts in Business, Management and Accounting

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Emeritus Professor Neal Ashkanasy Emeritus Professor Neal Ashkanasy School of Business
Associate Professor Remi Ayoko Associate Professor Remi Ayoko School of Business
Dr Tao Bai Dr Tao Bai School of Business
Professor Pierre Benckendorff Professor Pierre Benckendorff Graduate School | School of Business
Professor Shaun Bond Professor Shaun Bond School of Business
Dr Ivano Bongiovanni Dr Ivano Bongiovanni Information Technology Services | School of Business
Associate Professor Christoph Breidbach Associate Professor Christoph Breidbach School of Business
Dr Richard Buning Dr Richard Buning School of Business
Associate Professor Henri Burgers Associate Professor Henri Burgers School of Business
Professor Victor Callan Professor Victor Callan School of Business
Dr Peter Earl Dr Peter Earl School of Economics
Professor Martin Edwards Professor Martin Edwards School of Business
Professor Joseph Fan Professor Joseph Fan School of Business
Emeritus Professor John Foster Emeritus Professor John Foster School of Economics
Professor Christian Gericke Professor Christian Gericke School of Public Health
Dr Heiko Gerlach Dr Heiko Gerlach School of Economics
Professor Nicole Gillespie Professor Nicole Gillespie School of Business
Professor Stephen Gray Professor Stephen Gray School of Business
Professor Andrew Griffiths Professor Andrew Griffiths Office of the Provost | Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Dr Anthony Halog Dr Anthony Halog School of the Environment
Professor Damian Hine Professor Damian Hine Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey School of Business
Dr Ali Intezari Harsini Dr Ali Intezari Harsini School of Business Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Professor Tim Kastelle Professor Tim Kastelle Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer School of Business
Professor Peter Liesch Professor Peter Liesch School of Business
Dr Sam MacAulay Dr Sam MacAulay School of Business
Associate Professor Judith Mair Associate Professor Judith Mair School of Business
Dr Asmita Manchha Dr Asmita Manchha School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy School of Business
Dr Karolina Mikolajewska-Zajac Dr Karolina Mikolajewska-Zajac School of Business
Dr Miriam Moeller Dr Miriam Moeller School of Business
Associate Professor Muhammad Nadeem Associate Professor Muhammad Nadeem School of Business
Professor Daniel Nyberg Professor Daniel Nyberg School of Business
Associate Professor Ravi Pappu Associate Professor Ravi Pappu School of Business
Dr Andre Pekerti Dr Andre Pekerti School of Business
Professor Lisa Ruhanen Professor Lisa Ruhanen School of Business
Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Associate Professor Stephen Viller Associate Professor Stephen Viller School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Associate Professor Gabby Walters Associate Professor Gabby Walters School of Business
Dr Jie Wang Dr Jie Wang School of Business
Dr Franzisca Weder Dr Franzisca Weder School of Communication and Arts
Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena School of Business
Dr Elizabeth Zhu Dr Elizabeth Zhu School of Business