Experts in Oncology

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Eva Baxter Dr Eva Baxter UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Professor Melissa Brown Professor Melissa Brown Faculty of Science
No image Professor Alan Coulthard Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Dr Katie Ekberg Dr Katie Ekberg Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer Faculty of Medicine
Honorary Professor Brian Gabrielli Honorary Professor Brian Gabrielli Mater Research Institute-UQ
Professor Maher Gandhi Professor Maher Gandhi Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Dylan Glubb Dr Dylan Glubb School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz Dr Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz Frazer Institute
Professor Monika Janda Professor Monika Janda Centre for Health Services Research
Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani Frazer Institute
Associate Professor Srinivas Kondalsamy Chennakesavan Associate Professor Srinivas Kondalsamy Chennakesavan Medical School (RCS)
Dr Arutha Kulasinghe Dr Arutha Kulasinghe Frazer Institute
No image Professor Sunil Lakhani UQ Centre for Clinical Research
No image Associate Professor Graeme Macdonald Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Dr Louise Marquart-Wilson Dr Louise Marquart-Wilson School of Public Health
Dr Yousuf Mohammed Dr Yousuf Mohammed Frazer Institute
Dr Andy Moore Dr Andy Moore Child Health Research Centre
Dr Katrina Moss Dr Katrina Moss School of Public Health
Dr Quan Nguyen Dr Quan Nguyen Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Professor Chiara Palmieri Professor Chiara Palmieri School of Veterinary Science
Associate Professor Marie-Odile Parat Associate Professor Marie-Odile Parat School of Pharmacy
Professor Chris Pyke Professor Chris Pyke Mater Clinical Unit
Dr Amy McCart Reed Dr Amy McCart Reed UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson School of Pharmacy
Dr Ingrid Rowlands Dr Ingrid Rowlands School of Public Health
Dr Jodi Saunus Dr Jodi Saunus Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Debottam Sinha Dr Debottam Sinha Frazer Institute
Associate Professor Michelle Smith Associate Professor Michelle Smith School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Peter Soyer Professor Peter Soyer Frazer Institute
Dr Mitchell Stark Dr Mitchell Stark Frazer Institute | Medical School (GBCS)
Professor Haitham Tuffaha Professor Haitham Tuffaha Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Professor Owen Ung Professor Owen Ung Medical School (Office & AME)
Dr Lena Von Schuckmann Dr Lena Von Schuckmann Frazer Institute
Professor Brandon Wainwright Professor Brandon Wainwright Frazer Institute
Dr Laurelie Wishart Dr Laurelie Wishart School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Tatiane Yanes Dr Tatiane Yanes Frazer Institute