Experts in Law

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Shabbir Ahmad Dr Shabbir Ahmad Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh School of Law
Professor Nicholas Aroney Professor Nicholas Aroney School of Law
Associate Professor Justine Bell-James Associate Professor Justine Bell-James School of Law Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science
Professor Peter Billings Professor Peter Billings School of Law
Dr Ivano Bongiovanni Dr Ivano Bongiovanni Information Technology Services | School of Business
Honorary Professor Simon Bronitt Honorary Professor Simon Bronitt School of Law
Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin School of Law
Associate Professor Suzanna Fay Associate Professor Suzanna Fay School of Social Science
Associate Professor Pedro Fidelman Associate Professor Pedro Fidelman Centre for Policy Futures
Professor Craig Forrest Professor Craig Forrest School of Law
Professor Katharine Gelber Professor Katharine Gelber Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Associate Professor Nicole George Associate Professor Nicole George School of Political Science and International Studies
Professor Paul Harpur Professor Paul Harpur School of Law
Professor Rain Liivoja Professor Rain Liivoja School of Law
Professor Lorraine Mazerolle Professor Lorraine Mazerolle School of Social Science
Professor Blake McKimmie Professor Blake McKimmie Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences School of Psychology
Professor Tyler Okimoto Professor Tyler Okimoto Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Professor Graeme Orr Professor Graeme Orr School of Law
Emeritus Professor Malcolm Parker Emeritus Professor Malcolm Parker Academy for Medical Education
Associate Professor Sarah Percy Associate Professor Sarah Percy School of Political Science and International Studies
Associate Professor Shiralee Poed Associate Professor Shiralee Poed School of Education
Professor Andreas Schloenhardt Professor Andreas Schloenhardt School of Law
Dr Rebecca Wallis Dr Rebecca Wallis School of Law
Professor Tamara Walsh Professor Tamara Walsh School of Law
Associate Professor Renee Zahnow Associate Professor Renee Zahnow School of Social Science