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Prof Tapan Saha was born in Bangladesh and immigrated to Australia in 1989. Tapan received his PhD from the University of Queensland in 1994. Previously, Tapan obtained a B. Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka in 1982 and a Master of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 1985. He has been with the University of Queensland since 1996, where he has been a Professor of Electrical Engineering since 2005. Previously he was an Adjunct Professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Hunan University in China. Previously he worked in James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville for two and a half years and in BUET for three and a half years.

Tapan Saha is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineers Australia. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer of the State of Queensland (RPEQ). He is on the National Engineering Register (NER). Prof Saha is on the APEC Engineer Register and on the Register of International Professional Engineers.

His current research projects are in the fields of:

  • Renewable energy integration to electricity grid
  • Smart condition monitoring for transformers and other ageing assets

Prof Saha is actively involved with a number of organisations:

  • Leader: Power, Energy and Control Engineering Discipline
  • Leader: UQ Solar
  • Founding Director: Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre
  • Leader: Industry 4.0 UQ Energy TestLab
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Distinguished Lecturer
  • ARC College of Expert Member
  • Editorial Board Member, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • Editorial Board Member & Consulting Editor, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
  • Senior Editor, IEEE Access
  • Electrical College Board (Engineers Australia) Member (2015-2020)
  • CIGRE Australian Panel A2 Member
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Queensland Chapter: Chair (2021-2022)
  • Faculty Adviser: IEEE MU Kappa Chapter (UQ)
  • Student Counsellor: IEEE PES/DEIS UQ Student Branch
  • Member, Queensland Electrical Branch (Engineers Australia, till 2023)

Research Interests

  • Power systems analysis-renewable energy integration (Solar PV and wind)
  • Long distance transmission connection from renewnable energy sources to the main electricity grid
  • Intelligent Diagnostics of Aged Power Transformers & other ageing assets
  • Solar PV forecasting and large scale solar farm fault detection and diagnosis

Research Impacts

Prof Tapan Saha has more than thirty years of research/teaching experience within the Australian universities. He has been a Professor of Electrical Engineering since 2005, and has established himself as an internationally recognised research expert in power & energy systems. He has published more than 660 papers in IEEE, IET and Elsevier Transactions & major power engineering peer reviewed conferences. He has successfully supervised 57 PhD & 11 MPhil students as a principal adviser and currently supervises 15 PhD students. He has also been supervising three PhD students through UQIDAR (, which is a joint PhD program between UQ and IIT Delhi, India. He has been supervising two PhD students through UQ-DTU joint PhD program. He has received numerous grants from ARC, ARENA and other competitive agencies and also from the Australian electricity supply industry. He serves in a number of professional organisations, which includes IEEE, Engineers Australia and CIGRE. He has established a strong research collaboration with universities in Australia, India, China, USA and Canada. He works very closely with the Australian electricity supply industry.

A Brisbane start-up company Aurtra, founded on University of Queensland technology developed by Professor Tapan Saha, Dr Hui Ma, Dr Chandima Ekanayake and Dr Dan Martin to monitor the health of electricity network transformers has been acquired by French multinational Schneider Electric in a multi-million-dollar deal.

Prof Saha has published his 25 years research outcome on transformer in a book: Transformer Ageing : Monitoring and Estimation Techniques, which is published by Wiley & IEEE. This book is available through Amazon & also through this link

New Book

A New report has been published Comparing High Voltage Overhead and Underground Transmission Infrastructure for Powerlink.


  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Engineers Australia, Engineers Australia
  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Masters (Research) of Research, Indian Institute of Technolgy, Delhi
  • Bachelor of Science, Bangladesh University


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Book Chapter

  • Chan, Jeffery , Saha,Tapan and Ma, Hui (2017). Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Partial Discharge Measurement. Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques. (pp. 245-302) Singapore, Singapore: Wiley-Liss, Div John Wiley & Sons Inc.

  • Cui,Yi , Saha, Tapan and Ma,Hui (2017). Dissolved Gas Analysis Interpretation and Intelligent Machine Learning Techniques. Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques. (pp. 211-243) edited by Tapan Kumar Saha. Singapore, Singapore: John Wiley & Sons.

  • Martin, Daniel and Saha, Tapan K. (2017). Impact of Moisture and Remaining Life Estimation. Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques. (pp. 329-360) edited by Saha, Tapan K.. Singapore, Singapore: John Wiley & Sons.

  • Ma, Hui and Saha, Tapan (2017). Smart Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis. Transformer Ageing: Monitoring and Estimation Techniques. (pp. 403-439) edited by Tapan Kumar Saha and Prithwiraj Purkait. Singapore, Singapore: John Wiley & Sons.

  • Aziz, Tareq, Saha, Tapan K. and Mithulananthan, Nadarajah (2014). A review of interconnection rules for large-scale renewable power generation. Large scale renewable power generation: advances in technologies for generation, transmission and storage. (pp. 151-171) edited by Jahangir Hossain and Apel Mahmud. Signapore: Springer Science+Business Media. doi: 10.1007/978-981-4585-30-9_6

  • Nappu, Muhammad Bachtiar and Saha, Tapan Kumar (2010). An Advanced Method of Congestion Management for Optimal Energy Pricing. Paths to Sustainable Energy. (pp. 181-196) edited by Jatin Nathwani and Artie W. Ng. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

  • Dong, Z. Y., Saha, T. K. and Wong, K. (2006). Artificial Intelligence in Electricity Market Operations and Management. Business Applications and Computational Intelligence. (pp. 131-154) edited by K.E. Voges and N.K.Li Pope. USA: IDEA Group Publishing. doi: 10.4018/978-1-59140-702-7.ch008

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