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Dr Ingrid Hickman is a Principal Research Fellow with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Ingrid is an Advanced Practicing Dietitian who completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2004 investigating the role of lifestyle factors in the development and progression of chronic liver disease. Since then, her research work has specialised in investigating the metabolic factors that contribute to obesity-related chronic disease and translating scientific findings into improved evidence-based practice in medical care settings. Her clinical research team and collaborations are international and multidisciplinary. Dr Hickman's career has focused on generating and translating scientific evidence supporting 'food as medicine' into improved clinical care and outcomes for people with chronic metabolic conditions. From mechanisms of disease progression through to patient centred co-design of health services, her eclectic, collaborative approach to medical research aims to find solutions to health care problems and build research capacity in clinical staff.

Research Interests

  • Metabolism
    Role of lifestyle factors in the development, progression and treatment of obesity related metabolic dysfunction
  • Insulin Resistance
    Methods for measuring insulin resistance including the euglycaemic hyperinsulinemic clamp technique
  • Body composition
    Impact of obesity treatments on body composition and role of body fat and muscle in metabolic function in obesity-related chronic disease
  • Liver Disease
    Impact of nutrition on features of chronic liver disease, liver failure and liver transplantation.
  • Translational Research
    Methodologies for improving the uptake of research findings into clinical practice

Research Impacts

Ingrid is well placed to link scientific discoveries and clinical practice. Her role within an active tertiary hospital nutrition and dietetics department provides direct access with clincians who are best placed to translate the scientific discoveries of the research team into better treatments for the patients needing our care.

Dr Hickman leads the PAH Metabolic Obesity (MOBY) Research Group which strategically focuses research activity within health services that are most impacted by obesity including diabetes, liver and renal disease and spinal cord injuries. Studies range from mechanistic studies of insulin resistance, clinical trials of diet and lifestyle interventions through to qualitative patient engagement initiatives. This is a highly productive multidisciplinary group, with MOBY medical collaborations from Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Liver Transplant, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Exercise Science, Renal Medicine, Cardiology, Bariatric Surgery, Health Economics, Medical Imaging, Pathology and Telehealth Services.

Dr Hickman is committed to engaging novice clinical staff to build research capacity, with >30% of her publications involving a clinical staff member as an author.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Queensland University of Technology


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