Dr Jarrod Knibbe

Senior Lecturer - HCI

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


I am a researcher in Interaction Design, building new interactive devices and seeking to understand the experience of using those devices. I am a future technologist and pursue technology-first human-computer interaction - building and exploring novel tech that may later provide solutions to human-centered problems. I have a special interest in Haptics for Extended Reality and Smart Clothing for Muscle Control. My research typically involves device design and engineering, studies of human perception, and user experience explorations of new technologies.

I have published over 40 peer-reviewed articles across top venues in Human-Computer Interaction, including CHI, UIST, CSCW, and ISMAR. I serve frequently as an associate editor for CHI, UIST, VR, and ISS.

Research Interests

  • Haptics for Virtual Reality
    One of the great challenges of virtual reality is that you can't actually touch stuff - you can't feel it's texture, weight, heat, etc. There are two broad camps trying to address this: the Accuracy camp and the Naturalness camp. The accuracy camp wants you to experience material properties as accurately as possible, so they build specialist controllers. The naturalness camp wants you to be unencumbered by controllers, so they use illusions. I have no allegiance to either camp and work across them both. I am currently building controllers to let you grasp objects of complex shapes and sizes, and building illusions that play with your sense of where you are in the room so you can use physical props in your VR experiences.
  • Smart Clothing
    We are increasingly able to integrate an amazing range of sensors and actuators into fabric, creating Smart Clothing. However, we are not seeing these clothes in stores or in our wardrobes. I believe this is for two key reasons: (1) no killer app - we are not yet doing anything really convincing with these clothes, and (2) tailoring is hard - we are not yet able to make smart clothing work regardless of your body shape or size. Once we have solved problem (2), I believe solutions to problem (1) will follow.

Research Impacts

My research has inspired new features in smartphones from Google (the Pixel's battery share) and Samsung (PowerShare), and has been featured in various news outlets (including Wired, the Economist, Hackaday, Fast Company, and the Guardian).

I also work extensively with companies and organisations to explore ways for digital transformation to solve their challenges. I facilitate design thinking workshops to help identify new opportunities, build new partnerships, and reveal next steps for new projects. I have run workshops for numerous multinationals and government organisations, leading to substantial new work packages and meaningful change. I have run professional courses on scientific leadership.


  • Doctor of Philosophy of Computer-Human Interaction, University of Bristol
  • Masters (Research) of Computer Science, University of Bristol


  • Ghosh, Shreya, Dhall, Abhinav, Hayat, Munawar, Knibbe, Jarrod and Ji, Qiang (2024). Automatic Gaze Analysis: A Survey of Deep Learning Based Approaches. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 46 (1), 61-84. doi: 10.1109/tpami.2023.3321337

  • Patibanda, Rakesh, Hill, Chris, Saini, Aryan, Li, Xiang, Chen, Yuzheng, Matviienko, Andrii, Knibbe, Jarrod, van den Hoven, Elise and Mueller, Florian ‘Floyd’ (2023). Auto-Paizo Games: Towards Understanding the Design of Games That Aim to Unify a Player’s Physical Body and the Virtual World. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 7 (CHI PLAY), 893-918. doi: 10.1145/3611054

  • Patibanda, Rakesh, Saini, Aryan, Overdevest, Nathalie, Montoya, Maria F., Li, Xiang, Chen, Yuzheng, Nisal, Shreyas, Andres, Josh, Knibbe, Jarrod, van den Hoven, Elise and Mueller, Florian ‘Floyd’ (2023). Fused Spectatorship: Designing Bodily Experiences Where Spectators Become Players. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 7 (CHI PLAY), 769-802. doi: 10.1145/3611049

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