Professor Andre Drenth

Professorial Research Fellow

Centre for Horticultural Science
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
+61 7 344 32460



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Wageningen University


  • van Westerhoven, Anouk C., Aguilera‐Galvez, Carolina, Nakasato‐Tagami, Giuliana, Shi‐Kunne, Xiaoqian, Martinez de la Parte, Einar, Chavarro‐Carrero, Edgar, Meijer, Harold J. G., Feurtey, Alice, Maryani, Nani, Ordóñez, Nadia, Schneiders, Harrie, Nijbroek, Koen, Wittenberg, Alexander H. J., Hofstede, Rene, García‐Bastidas, Fernando, Sørensen, Anker, Swennen, Ronny, Drenth, Andre, Stukenbrock, Eva H., Kema, Gert H. J. and Seidl, Michael F. (2024). Segmental duplications drive the evolution of accessory regions in a major crop pathogen. New Phytologist, 242 (2), 610-625. doi: 10.1111/nph.19604

  • Roberts, Janet M., Carvalhais, Lilia C., O'Dwyer, Cecilia, Rincón‐Flórez, Vivian A. and Drenth, Andre (2024). Diagnostics of Fusarium wilt in banana: Current status and challenges. Plant Pathology, 73 (4), 760-776. doi: 10.1111/ppa.13863

  • Lowe-Power, Tiffany, Sharma, Parul, Alfenas-Zerbini, Poliane, Álvarez, Belén, Arif, Mohammad, Baroukh, Caroline, Bocsanczy, Ana Maria, Biosca, Elena G., Castillo, José A., Cellier, Gilles, Coutinho, Teresa, Drenth, André, Friman, Ville-Petri, Genin, Stephane, Guidot, Alice, Hikichi, Yasufumi, Huang, Qi, Iyer-Pascuzzi, Anjali, Kai, Kenji, Pecrix, Yann, Poussier, Stephane, Ray, Jane D., Rossato, Maurício, Schomer, Rebecca, Siri, Maria Inés, Vinatzer, Boris A. and Allen, Caitilyn (2023). The Ralstonia Research Community Rejects the Proposal to Classify Phylotype I Ralstonia into the New Species Ralstonia nicotianae. PhytoFrontiers™, 3 (4), 761-766. doi: 10.1094/phytofr-06-23-0071-le

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Book Chapter

  • Drenth, André and Guest, David (2013). Phytophthora palmivora in tropical tree crops. Phytophthora: A Global Perspective. (pp. 187-196) edited by Kurt Lamour. Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK: CABI. doi: 10.1079/9781780640938.0187

  • Akinsanmi, O.A., Miles, A. and Drenth, A. (2009). Macadamia. Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia. (pp. 149-156) edited by Tony Cooke, Denis Persley and Susan House. Australia: CSIRO Publishing.

  • Cook, Tony and Drenth, André (2009). Other Fruit Crops. Disease of Fruit Crops in Australia. (pp. 257-264) edited by Tony Cooke, Denis Persley and Susan House. Australia: CSIRO Publishing.

  • Govers, Francine, Drenth, André and Pieterse, Corné M. J. (2007). The potato late blight pathogen and other pathogenic Oomycota Phytophthora infestans. Plant relationships: Part B. (pp. 17-36) edited by George C. Carroll, Paul Tudzynsk and Karl Esser. Berlin, Germany: Springer.

  • Drenth, Andre and Goodwin, Stephen B. (1999). Population structure of Oomycetes. Structure and dynamics of fungal populations. (pp. 195-224) edited by James J. Worral. Amstedam, Netherlands: Springer.

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