Dr Lily Bentley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science
Faculty of Science


Lily is a movement ecologist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She is interested in how and where highly mobile predators travel, what their journeys can teach us about their evolutionary histories, and how to translate research findings into effective conservation policies. At UQ, in affiliation with the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, she is currently working on using animal tracking data and network models to understand migratory connectivity in the oceans. She received her BSc (Hons) from the University of Queensland, studying the thermal physiology and behaviour of wild saltwater crocodiles. In her PhD, at the University of Cambridge, she investigated the foraging ecology of albatrosses and petrels across the Southern Ocean.

Research Interests

  • Marine migratory connectivity


  • Fleury, Aharon G., O’Hara, Casey C., Butt, Nathalie, Restrepo, Jaime, Halpern, Benjamin S., Klein, Carissa J., Kuempel, Caitlin D., Gaynor, Kaitlyn M., Bentley, Lily K., Richardson, Anthony J. and Dunn, Daniel C. (2024). Spatial and life history variation in a trait-based species vulnerability and impact model. PLOS ONE, 19 (6), e0305950. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0305950

  • Bentley, Lily K., Phillips, Richard A., Carpenter‐Kling, Tegan, Crawford, Robert J. M., Cuthbert, Richard J., Delord, Karine, Dilley, Ben J., Makhado, Azwianewi B., Miller, Peter I., Oppel, Steffen, Pistorius, Pierre A., Ryan, Peter G., Schoombie, Stefan, Weimerskirch, Henri and Manica, Andrea (2024). Habitat preferences of Phoebetria albatrosses in sympatry and allopatry. Journal of Biogeography, 1-13. doi: 10.1111/jbi.14966

  • Bentley, Lily (2024, 05 07). Moving on migration Australian Geographic 32-32.

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