Dr Jari Torniainen

Research Fellow - Biomedical Signal

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Dr Torniainen's main research interests are in the fields of biomedical signal and image processing, biophotonics, and applied spectroscopy. He holds BSc/MSc in Electrical Engineering from Aalto University (Finland, 2015) and a PhD in Applied Physics from University of Eastern Finland (Finland, 2020). He has previously worked with developing preprocessing techniques for EEG/MEG, real-time analysis methods for physiological signals (e.g., ECG/EMG/EDA), and near-infrared spectroscopy based analysis of tissue integrity for musculoskeletal tissues. His current research focus is on machine learning in image processing, analysis, and synthesis of biomedical images acquired using a combination of terahertz imaging, nano-FTIR, and Raman spectroscopy. The purpose of this study is to better understand the interaction between light and multi-layered tissues such as articular cartilage and skin.


  • Doctor of Philosophy of Applied Physics


  • Khan, Bilour, Nippolainen, Ervin, SHAHINI, FATEMEH, Torniainen, Jari, MIKKONEN, SANTTU, NONAPPA, NONAPPA, Popov, Alexey, Töyräs, Juha and Afara, Isaac (2023). Refractive index of human articular cartilage varies with tissue structure and composition. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 40 (12), 2205-2214. doi: 10.1364/josaa.498722

  • Kashyap, Mayuri, Torniainen, Jari, Bertling, Karl, Kundu, Urbi, Singh, Khushboo, Donose, Bogdan, Gillespie, Tim, Lim, Yah Leng, Indjin, Dragan, Li, Lian He, Linfield, Edmund, Davies, Giles, Dean, Paul, Smith, Millicent, Chapman, Scott, Bandyopadhyay, Aparajita, Sengupta, Amartya and Rakic, Aleksandar (2023). Coherent Terahertz laser feedback interferometry for hydration sensing in leaves. Optics Express, 31 (15), 23877-23888. doi: 10.1364/oe.490217

  • Sarin, Jaakko K., Kiema, Miika, Luoto, Emma-Sofia, Husso, Annastiina, Hedman, Marja, Laakkonen, Johanna P. and Torniainen, Jari (2023). Nondestructive evaluation of mechanical and histological properties of the human aorta with near-infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Surgical Research, 287, 82-89. doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2023.01.016

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  • Doctor Philosophy

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  • Bertling, K., Kashyap, M., Torniainen, J., Kundu, U., Singh, K., Gillespie, T., Lim, Y. L., Dean, P., Indjin, D., Han, Y., Li, L., Sengupta, A., Bandyopadhyay, A., Davies, A.G., Linfield, E. H. and Rakić, A. D. (2022). Hydration imaging with THz Quantum Cascade Lasers: Towards Precision Agriculture. Conference on Optoelectronlc and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, Adelaide, SA Australia, 11-16 December 2022.

  • Torniainen, Jari, Afara, Isaac O., Prakash, Mithilesh, Sarin, Jaakko K., Stenroth, Lauri and Töyräs, Juha (2019). Automated preprocessing of near infrared spectroscopic data. Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences Congress 2019 (BODA,BRAIN,NTM,OMA,OMP), Tucson, AZ, United States, 14-17 April 2019. Washington, DC, United States: Optical Society of America. doi: 10.1364/BODA.2019.DS2A.6

  • Torniainen, Jari E., Ristaniemi, Aapo, Stenroth, Lauri and To¨yräs, Juha (2018). Estimating mechanical properties of bovine knee ligaments and tendons with near infrared spectroscopy. Clinical and Translational Biophotonics, TRANSLATIONAL 2018, Hollywood, FL United States, 3-6 April 2018. Washington, DC United States: The Optical Society. doi: 10.1364/TRANSLATIONAL.2018.JW3A.29

  • Laarni, Jari, Karvonen, Hannu, Pakarinen, Satu and Torniainen, Jari (2016). Multitasking and interruption management in control room operator work during simulated accidents. 13th International Conference of Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, EPCE 2016, Toronto, Canada, 17-22 July 2016. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-40030-3_30

  • Torniainen, Jari, Cowley, Benjamin, Henelius, Andreas, Lukander, Kristian and Pakarinen, Satu (2015). Feasibility of an electrodermal activity ring prototype as a research tool. 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Milan, Italy, 25-29 August 2015. Piscataway, NJ, United States: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2015.7319865

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