Dr Shazed Aziz

Research Fellow

School of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Experienced materials engineering researcher with proven experience in developing chemically tuned structures for commercial opportunities. My unique skill set spans interfacing technical analysis (morphology, composition, performance, and durability) of sustainable composite materials with economic feasibility and quality system requirements from research and industry associates. I am a team player, and the guiding principles by which I function in all facets of my life include ‘shared values’, ‘shared vision’, ‘complementary expertise’ and ‘diligence’.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wollongong


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  • Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

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  • Aziz, Shazed Md, Rashid, Suraya Abdul and Rahmanian, Saeed (2016). Fabrication methods of graphene nanoribbons. Graphene science handbook: fabrication methods. (pp. 133-148) edited by Mahmood Aliofkhazraei, Nasar Ali, William I. Milne, Cengiz S. Ozkan, Stanislaw Mitura and Juana L. Gervasoni. Boca Raton, FL USA: CRC Press. doi: 10.1201/b19606-11

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