Dr Jane O'Sullivan

Honorary Senior Fellow

School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability
Faculty of Science


Plant nutrition, specialising in tropical root crops.

Since joining the University of Queensland in 1992, Dr. O'Sullivan has completed a series of projects characterising deficiencies and toxicities of mineral nutrients, in species of sweetpotato, aroids and yams, and identifying and remediating nutritional disorders in semi-subsistence production contexts in collaboration with project partners in Pacific Island countries.

Research Interests

  • Population growth and its impacts
    The environmental, social, micro- and macro-economic impacts of population growth, and the efficacy of policy and program options addressing it.
  • Demographic ageing
    Critiquing the basis and motives for negative messaging about demographic ageing and advancing more objective and balanced analysis.
  • Carbon pricing as a response to climate change
    Advantages of consumption-basis accounting and charging for greenhouse gas emissions, and risks and misconceptions around emissions trading.
  • Food security
    Multidimensional challenges of meeting the food demands of the global population while preserving or restoring environmental function and biodiversity.
  • Crop Nutrition
    Mineral nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, particularly of tropical root crops.
  • Low input and semi-subsistence farming systems
    Improving productivity and sustainability of smallholder agriculture in the tropics.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor, University of Melbourne


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  • (2007) Master Philosophy

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Book Chapter

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  • O'Sullivan, Jane N. (2018). Synergy between population policy, climate adaptation and mitigation. Pathways to a sustainable economy: bridging the gap between Paris climate change commitments and net zero emissions. (pp. 103-125) edited by Moazzem Hossain, Robert Hales and Tapan Sarker. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-67702-6_7

  • O'Sullivan, Jane (2014). Ageing paranoia, its fictional basis and all too real costs. Sustainable futures: linking population, resources and the environment. (pp. 47-60) edited by Jenny Goldie and Katharine Betts. Collingwood, VIC, Australia: CSIRO Pubishing.

  • O'Sullivan, J. (2013). Nutrient disorders. Compendium of Sweetpotato Diseases, Pests, and Disorders. (pp. 120-133) edited by Christopher A. Clark, Donald M. Ferrin, Tara P. Smith and Gerald J. Holmes. St. Paul, Minn., United States: APS Press.

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  • (2007) Master Philosophy — Principal Advisor