Dr Daniele Celoria


Faculty of Science


Research Interests

  • Low-dimensional geometric topology
    The study of manifolds in dimensions up to four, using algebraic, topological and gauge-theoretic techniques
  • Knot theory
    Study of mathematical knots through combinatorics and topology
  • Cryptography
    The art of establishing secure communications


  • Doctoral (Research) of Mathematics
  • Masters (Research) of Mathematics, Università di Pisa
  • Bachelor of Mathematics, Università di Pisa


  • Barbensi, Agnese and Celoria, Daniele (2024). GridPyM: a Python module to handle grid diagrams. Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry, 14 (1), 31-39. doi: 10.2140/jsag.2024.14.31

  • Caputi, Luigi, Celoria, Daniele and Collari, Carlo (2023). From the Mayer-Vietoris spectral sequence to überhomology. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics. doi: 10.1017/prm.2023.104

  • Caputi, Luigi, Celoria, Daniele and Collari, Carlo (2023). Categorifying connected domination via graph überhomology. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 227 (9) 107381, 107381. doi: 10.1016/j.jpaa.2023.107381

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