Dr Lydia See

Research Fellow

School of Dentistry
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences


Dr Lydia See is a specialist in Special Needs Dentistry, holding postgraduate degrees in Master of Science (Geriatric Dentistry) and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Special Needs Dentistry). She has extensive clinical experience in public, hospital, and private practice. She is also a research fellow at the University of Queensland with a focus on research in public health and the application of silver fluoride in adults with special needs.

Research Interests

  • The use of silver fluoride for caries management
  • The impact of grassroot Non-governmental and non-profit organisation led programs on vulnerable communities
  • Special Needs Dentistry

Research Impacts

Dr See’s research translation and impact can be seen from her silver fluoride research project. Through her CPL research grant, she was able to gain clinical experience in the use of silver fluoride in adult population and has led to the dissemination of such experience to a wider dental professional and non-dental community in the form of professional presentations, workshops and lectures. She has presented her research at various research and professional platforms. Her silver fluoride research and work in special needs dentistry has provided Dr See opportunities in advocating in this area.


  • Diploma of Special Needs Dentistry
  • Graduate Certificate, University of Western Australia
  • Masters (Coursework), University of Southern California
  • Bachelor (Honours) of Dental Science, University of Western Australia


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