Dr Gary Ianziti

Honorary Senior Fellow

Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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Book Chapter

  • Ianziti, Gary (2016). Leonardo Bruni and the rise of official historiography in Renaissance Florence. Studies on Florence and the Italian Renaissance in Honour of F. W. Kent. (pp. 431-448) edited by Peter Howard and Cecilia Hewlett. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.

  • Ianziti, Gary (2016). Pier Candido Decembrio and the Suetonian path to princely biography. Portraying the prince in the Renaissance: the humanist depiction of rulers in historiographical and biographical texts. (pp. 237-270) edited by Patrick Baker, Ronny Kaiser, Maike Priesterjahn and Johannes Helmrath. Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter.

  • Ianziti, Gary (2015). Pier Candido Decembrio and the beginnings of humanist historiography in Visconti Milan. After civic humanism: learning and politics in Renaissance Italy. (pp. 153-172) edited by Nicholas Scott Baker and Brian Jeffrey Maxson. Toronto, Canada: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

  • Ianziti, Gary (2015). Remarques historiographiques sur Leonardo Bruni historien. Il laboratorio del Rinascimento: Studi di storia e cultura per Riccardo Fubini. (pp. 277-291) edited by Lorenzo Tanzini. Florence, FI, Italy: Casa Editrice Le Lettere.

  • Duffield, Lee and Ianziti, Gary (2010). Introduction: Mass media in the re-making of Europe. Europe and the Media: Building a New Kind of Europe. (pp. 5-11) edited by Lee R. Duffield and Gary J. Ianziti. Saarbrücken , Germany: VDM Verlag.

  • Ianziti, Gary (2010). The project for European integration, and Pan-European media. Europe and the media : Building a new kind of Europe; is mass media the key?. (pp. 12-32) edited by Lee Duffield and Gary Ianziti. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.

  • Ianziti, Gary (2007). Challenging chronicles : Leonardo Bruni's history of the Florentine people. Chronicling history : Chroniclers and historians in medieval and Renaissance Italy. (pp. 249-272) edited by Sharon Dale, Alison Williams Lewin and Duane J. Osheim. University Park, PA, United States: Pennsylvania State University Press.

  • Ianziti, Gary J. (2005). Storici, mandanti, materiali nella Milano sforzesca, 1450-1480. Il principe e la storia : Atti del convegno. (pp. 465-485) edited by Tina Matarrese and Cristina Montagnani. Novara, Italy: Interlinea edizioni.

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