Professor Bob McKercher

Professor in Tourism

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Prof. Bob McKercher has been a tourism academic since 1990. Prior to that he worked in the Canadian tourism industry in a variety of advocacy and operational roles. He received his PhD from the University of Melbourne in Australia, a Master’s degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and his undergraduate degree from York University in Toronto, Canada. He has published over 300 scholarly papers and research reports, is the author/co-author of The Business of Nature-based Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Tourism Theories, Concepts and Models. He has also edited a number of other books. Prof McKercher is the Past President of the International Academic for the Study of Tourism; a Fellow of the International Academic for the Study of Tourism; the Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education and; the International Academy of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne
  • Masters (Coursework), Carleton University
  • Bachelor (Honours), The University of York


  • McKercher, Bob and Tkaczynski, Aaron (2024). Will electric vehicles decarbonise drive tourism?. Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights, 5 (2) 100133, 100133. doi: 10.1016/j.annale.2024.100133

  • McKercher, Bob and Tkaczynski, Aaron (2024). The reticent tourist in a COVID-adapted world. Tourism Management, 103 104885, 1-6. doi: 10.1016/j.tourman.2024.104885

  • McKercher, Bob (2024). A dream vacation typology. International Journal of Tourism Research, 26 (3). doi: 10.1002/jtr.2641

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Book Chapter

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