Dr Amelia Fotheringham

Honorary Fellow

Mater Research Institute-UQ
Faculty of Medicine


After completing an honours year in genetics in the lab of Professor Paul Ebert (The University of Queensland), Dr Fotheringham obtained a research assistant position in the field of diabetes, sparking a passionate interest in diabetes and diabetes complications, particularly diabetic nephropathy. This led her to undertake and complete a PhD, examining the influence of dietary factors, in particularly advanced glycation end products and macronutrients on renal function in diabetes and aging. Since completing her PhD in 2020, Dr Amelia Fotheringham has worked as a Research Officer in the Glycation and Diabetes Complications Laboratory at Mater Research-UQ. Here she has undertaken projects examining novel treatments for mitochondrial dysfunction in diabetic nephropathy and targeting the AGE-RAGE pathway for type 1 diabetes prevention.


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  • Fotheringham, Amelia K., Gallo, Linda A. and Forbes, Josephine M. (2018). Dietary AGEs in the development and progression of chronic kidney disease. Dietary AGEs and their role in health and disease. (pp. 213-224) edited by Jaime Uribarri. Boca Raton, FI, United States: CRC Press. doi: 10.1201/9781315120041

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