Dr Lucy Fraser

Senior Lecturer

School of Languages and Cultures
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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Lucy Fraser is a Lecturer in Japanese at the School of Languages and Cultures, St Lucia campus, UQ. Her research interests include depictions of animal-human relationships in Japanese fiction, fairy tales and fairy tale retellings in Japanese and English, and ideas of gender--especially the figure of the girl--in contemporary Japanese literature, manga, film, and television. She is also interested in editing and translation of literature and literary criticism.

Research Interests

  • Fairy tales and fairy tale retellings
    The way fairy tales metamorphose across time and space - what happens when these long-told narratives take new form, and what do these changes tell us?
  • Gender in Japanese literature, manga, film, and television
    Explorations of how gender is imagined and challenged in Japanese literature and popular culture
  • Animals in fairy tales, literature, and popular culture
    How are animals represented in Japanese and English, and how can fictional works affect real-life environmental attitudes and action?
  • Contemporary Japanese literature
    Authors writing in Japanese both within and outside of Japan; authors writing in English who identify or engage with Japan in meaningful ways
  • Literary translation
    The journeys of Japanese literature and popular culture into English
  • Girl studies
    The exploration of girls' literature and popular culture in Japanese and English, particularly its cross-cultural dimensions and connections

Research Impacts

This research is engaged with why and how people consume fiction, reminding us that the process is more complex than simply "escape" or straightforward "identification" with particular characters. Current projects will further explore the special communities and connections that girls' stories can create for their audiences, and the knowledge and positive attitudes that fictional depictions of animals can encourage.

Dr Fraser continues to publish translations of Japanese fiction, making literature and picture books available to readers outside of Japan.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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