Charitable triad: How donors, beneficiaries, & fundraisers influence giving (2022–2025)

This project aims to test a new model of charitable giving to examine how donors, beneficiaries, and fundraisers together influence donor decisions. Until now, no holistic model has existed to explain donor behaviour: past research has focused on donors but neglected beneficiaries and fundraisers. This project is expected to provide evidence for a new bedrock theory of philanthropy. Findings can also inform practitioner toolkits, offering advice to nonprofits on how to raise money effectively by understanding how the particular organisation and its beneficiaries can influence donor decisions. By helping ensure the survival of charities, this research will contribute to the delivery of essential social services that benefit many Australians.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • Principal Research Fellow, ARC Fund
    School of Business
    Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Funded by:
Australian Research Council