Building capacity for interprofessional work-integrated learning through development of authentic assessment of interprofessional skills (2016–2017)

This project aims to overcome the barrier to development of interprofessional education (IPE) experiences for students posed by the limited scholarship on assessing IP skills through developing an authentic video-based model for formative and summative assessment of IP behaviours and competencies. This project will deliver a model for formative and summative assessment of students' IPE learning experiences and skill development, and develop and trail an assessment tool that provides evidence of IPE skills within work-integrated learning contexts, overcomes barriers to authentic assessment of IPE skills, and potentially paves the way for building interprofessional placement capacity. This application aligns with the 2016 UQ Student Strategy of enhancing employability and providing innovative assessment practices. The outcomes of this project will go beyond student and educator perceptions of IP competencies to inspire behaviour change through evidence of skill development and, in addition, provide a tangible artefact for ePortfolios.
Grant type:
UQ Teaching Innovation Grants
Funded by:
The University of Queensland