Investigating A novel generic Approach to Anti-Infective Agents (2008–2010)

Alpha helical regions on proteins mediate infection by viruses and bacteria. Short peptides corresponding to these helical segments are unstructured in water. We will (a) test new technology for its generic capacity to stabalize 1-4 turns of alpha helical viral and bacterial peptides, (b) test small molecules for helical structure, & (c) test for antiviral, antibacterial or immunogenecity activeity in cell assays. Proof of the technology may benefit many fiels of medicine and health prevention
Grant type:
NHMRC Project Grant
  • NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Group L
    Institute for Molecular Bioscience
  • Professor, Research Development
    Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
    Affiliate Professor
    Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Funded by:
National Health and Medical Research Council