A National Biomedical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Molecular Imaging Centre (ARC LIEF Administered by Monash University) (2007–2008)

Metalloproteins, metals ions and free radicals are involved in the fundamental processes of ageing, vascular and neurodegeneration, chronic inflammation and cancer. By establishing and applying the full frequency spectrum of new electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) technology we will identify, structurally and functionally characterise metalloproteins, metal ions and free radicals in vivo. We have formed an interdisciplinary team incorporating Australian EPR laboratories, chemists, engineers and biomedical applicants from 3 universities and in partnering with medical industry and international collaborators, will form an internationally competitive National EPR and Molecular Imaging Centre for the promotion and maintenance of good health.
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Monash University
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    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
    Faculty of Science
    Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
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Monash University