Dr Joan Li

Senior Lecturer

Academy for Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine
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Dr. Joan Li is a Senior Lecturer and a Research Fellow with an established national and international reputation at The University of Queensland. She holds both an MD and a PhD, blending clinical and scientific expertise, which provides her with a unique perspective on research and education. While establishing an emerging profile in medical education, she maintains engagement in discipline-related biomedical research through collaboration and supervision.

With over seven years of teaching experience, Joan has actively engaged in face-to-face teaching in biomedical science and medicine courses, contributed to curriculum design, development, and course coordination for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. She brings her strong analytical skills and critical thinking abilities, honed through her medical and biomedical research background, to her teaching practices. Driven by a genuine passion for teaching, Joan continuously strives for excellence, with specific interests in assessment, curriculum design, development and student learning experience. She has implemented innovative teaching methods, designed diverse and inclusive curricula, created new learning activities, and fostered student engagement as learning partners, with a consistent goal of improving curriculum quality and enhancing student learning outcomes.

Leveraging her medical knowledge, extensive experience in biomedical research, and growing understanding of medical education, Joan is committed to developing medical students into critical thinkers and lifelong learners with a genuine appreciation for medical practice and medical research, enabling them to better serve an ever-changing society. Drawing upon her extensive experience in developmental biology and physiology, particularly in cardiac and renal research, Joan actively supervises higher degree research students and continues to make significant contributions to discipline-related research through publications and collaborations.

Dr. Joan Li is a versatile academic professional with a rich background in biomedical research and an emerging presence in medical education research. Her dedication to teaching and learning, combined with her impressive track record in both disciplines, makes her a valuable asset to The University of Queensland and the broader academic community.

Research Impacts

Dr Joan Li's researches have focused on cardiac and renal disease, injury/repair process and novel theraputic approaches combining cell biology and material science. She has published high impact articles in both biomedical research and material research journals. Her research in renal stem cells has made fundamental discoveries suggesting a novel mechanism involved in postnatal renal papilla development, which not only challenged the conventional view in postnatal kidney development but also implicated the importance of this process in disease susceptibility. This work was published as a cover story and highlight of the month in Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the top ranked journal in the field of nephrology and Dr Li was invited to present a Faculty Lecture at the Annual Conference of American Society for Nephrology, the most prestige internaional conference in renal research. She has published two other papers in this area highlighting her contribution in this field. Dr Li was also invited to lead a team of guest editors developing a special issue for Frontier - Cell and Developmental Biology and subsequently joined the journal as an Associate Editor by invitation.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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