Dr Bonnie Evans

Associate Lecturer

School of Communication and Arts
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Bonnie Evans is an Associate Lecturer (teaching-focused) in Media Studies at the University of Queensland. Her research has addressed the intersections between feminist politics and screen media, particularly film and television, and she has published on true crime documentary. Her PhD thesis explores aesthetic and thematic links between contemporary feminisms, including the Me Too Movement, and recent horror and true crime film and television. She received a UQ Dean's Award for Oustanding HDR Theses in 2022. She has also appeared on ABC radio as an expert in feminism and popular culture. She teaches film and television studies, and media studies.

Research Interests

  • Gendered violence, horror and true crime
    Representations of gendered violence in film, television and other media, in horror and true crime genres
  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching media studies
    How do we teach media studies in a rapidly changing media landscape?
  • Contemporary feminism, gender, and popular culture
    Recent articulations of feminist politics (including the 'fourth wave' and the Me Too Movement) and their relationship with popular or mass culture
  • Embodied approaches
    Phenomenology and other embodied approaches to studying film, television and new media


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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