Dr Phill Bokiniec

Research Fellow/Senior Research off

Queensland Brain Institute



  • Doctor of Philosophy of Neuroscience, Macquarie University


  • Bokiniec, Phillip, Whitmire, Clarissa J., Leva, Tobias M. and Poulet, James F. A. (2023). Brain-wide connectivity map of mouse thermosensory cortices. Cerebral Cortex, 33 (8), 4870-4885. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhac386

  • Dempsey, Bowen, Sungeelee, Selvee, Bokiniec, Phillip, Chettouh, Zoubida, Diem, Séverine, Autran, Sandra, Harrell, Evan R., Poulet, James F. A., Birchmeier, Carmen, Carey, Harry, Genovesio, Auguste, McMullan, Simon, Goridis, Christo, Fortin, Gilles and Brunet, Jean-François (2021). A medullary centre for lapping in mice. Nature Communications, 12 (1) 6307, 1-12. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-26275-y

  • Farmer, David G. S., Pracejus, Natasha, Dempsey, Bowen, Turner, Anita, Bokiniec, Phillip, Paton, Julian F. R., Pickering, Anthony E., Burguet, Jasmine, Andrey, Philippe, Goodchild, Ann K., McAllen, Robin M. and McMullan, Simon (2019). On the presence and functional significance of sympathetic premotor neurons with collateralized spinal axons in the rat. Journal of Physiology, 597 (13), 3407-3423. doi: 10.1113/JP277661

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