Dr Marita Rodriguez

Research Fellow

School of Law
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


I'm Maria Amelia Rodriguez, and everybody calls me Marita. My academic journey has been an exploration at the intersection of science and philosophy, covering areas such as sociology, economics, and intellectual property.

My research delves into the intricate inner workings of scientific institutions, focusing on power dynamics and ethical considerations within scientific practices. I bring experience in utilizing qualitative methods like ethnographies, participant observation, and other qualitative approaches.

Beyond research, I actively engage in conferences, sharing insights on topics from scientific ethics to organizational challenges faced by research institutions. My involvement in philosophical discourse enriches my ability to critically analyze and contribute meaningfully to ongoing conversations about the philosophy and social aspects of science.

Currently serving as a Research Fellow at the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland, I am thrilled to continue my interdisciplinary research. During my time here, I hope to explore the implications of authorship in scientific practice, considering its relation to intellectual property and the accumulation of scientific capital.

Research Impacts

My work aims to reshape our understanding of science and question how we engage with it.

The transfer of knowledge from my research holds potential benefits for diverse stakeholders, including government, businesses, and the community. I aspire to contribute to the development of new technologies, policies, and the economics of science.

Specifically, my research addresses established power dynamics within the scientific community, aiming to bring about a more equitable and inclusive organization of scientific practices. As I strive to illuminate the complexities and implications of power structures in scientific endeavors, my research seeks to have some impact on public policy.


  • Doctoral (Research) of Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology


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