Professor Nalini Pather

Professorial Research Fellow a

Medical School (Office & AME)
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 334 64676


Nalini has more than 25 years’ experience in innovative design and delivery of medicine and health programs in several countries. Her medical education research focusses on curriculum and assessment design, digital and inclusive education, and integration of biomedical sciences into health professional programs. She has a particular interest in educational technologies (including AI) and cognitive load, and curricular approaches that support positive learning behaviour, wellbeing, critical thinking and professional development. Nalini's research also includes medical imaging diagnositics and the use of AI.

Nalini is the co-founder of the Health Universities Initiative, which frames a whole-of-university approach to student success and wellbeing. She has several awards (Faculty, Vice-Chancellor, Australian Award for University Teaching) for her contributions to higher education. Nalini is the Chair of the International Program for Anatomical Education (FIPAE) of the IFAA, and an Associate Editor of Anatomical Sciences Education (Impact Factor, 7.2). Nalini is a Board Member and Fellow of ANZAHPE, Fellow of the Scientia Education Academy, and Fellow of HERDSA.

Nalini currently supervises 5 PhD students in the following topics:

  • Health Advocacy in Medical Education: Evaluation of current practice and implications for medical programs
  • Cosmetic female surgery: A consumer-driven evaluation of demand and its implications for medical education
  • Fetal and Embryological Collections: A paradigm to examine the ethical practice of informed consent
  • Anatomical Education: The role of digital-based pedagogies in future practice
  • Liver and Gallbladder Imaging in Paediatric Patients: Developing a pipeline for diagnostic automation

Nalini currently supervises 4 reseach honours students on the following topics:

  • Relationship-based support interventions in medical programs
  • An evaluation of intersex education in medicine programs in Australia
  • Left ventricular compaction: evaluation of MRI diagnostic criteria
  • VR in biomedical sciences education: current scope of practice


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Book Chapter

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