Ms Cresha Gracy Nadar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Centre for Crop Science
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation


Cresha Gracy Nadar has newly joined the Centre for Crop Science at QAAFI as a Postdoctoral Research fellow. Cresha has an engineering background in the field of Biotechnology and has pursued a Ph.D. in the field of Bioprocessing from IIT Bombay, India and Monash University, Australia. Her Ph.D. research was about developing a novel biorefinery process from fruit processing waste and performing sustainability assessment using life cycle analysis. At QAAFI, Cresha is further exploring the environmental footprint assessment in the fields of food processing, biotechnology and other agriculture domains.

Research Interests

  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Bioprocessing
  • Food processing
  • Biotechnology


  • Masters (Extended)


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