Ms Erika Langham

Research Fellow

Faculty of Medicine


Erika is a demographer and social epidemiologist experienced in research and evaluation in the health and social services sector. Her experience bridges a number of health settings including primary health care, rural and regional health, community-controlled organisations, addiction services, and social enterprises. Erika is experienced in designing and leading strategic reviews, research projects, and evidence synthesis to inform policy development and reform. Her experience includes the development and evaluation of health system indicators; mapping, modelling, and simulating health systems; the evaluation and synthesis of health measures and interventions; the conceptualisation, development and operationalisation of health and service measures; and the analysis of large administrative and service data sets.

Erika is an English Australian who has worked on Indigenous-led projects relating to health, education, community development and systems integration. These include evaluations of government support services for Indigenous students, capacity building programs for staff and schools working with Indigenous students, the suitability of administrative data for Indigenous research, and the provision of integrated team care by a primary health network. She has published on the validity of Western health measures for Indigenous youth, health screening in primary health settings, the integration of health services, and a range of systematic reviews relating to health and education.


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