Dr Caroline Knight

Senior Lecturer

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Caroline Knight is a Senior Lecturer in Management at The Univeristy of Queensland Business School. Prior to this, Caroline was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Transformative Work Design at the Future of Work Institute, Curtin Univeristy, Perth, Western Australia. Caroline collaborates with research and industry partners internationally to conduct rigorous research which explores how we can design work which is optimally healthy for individuals and organisations. Her key reserach interests include work design, remote and hybrid work, work redesign interventions, and wellbeing. she is also inetrested in exploring different quantitative methods and applying them in her work. Caroline's reserach has been published in top peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Human Relations, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Work & Stress, and the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Research Interests

  • Remote and hybrid work
    A core stream of my research focuses on how remote and hybrid work impacts work design, wellbeing and performance. My research during Covid-19 showed that individuals who experienced high demands when working from home, such as close monitoring, were more likely to experience increasing distress over time. Those in hybrid jobs who experienced low support even when in the office were more likely to feel lonely when at home. Given that hybrid work looks set to stay and is highly prevalent, there is a need to better understand how we can design hybrid work which is optimal for individuals, teams, and organisations.
  • Work redesign
    A second core stream of my research focuses on work redesign. I am interested to understand how we can redesign work both top-down, by applying organisation wide, manager-led interventions (e.g., flexible working, training), and bottom-up, self-initiated interventions (e.g., job crafting), to enable individuals and organisations to thrive. I apply evidence-based research in practice to help organisations redesign work, and am also interested in the underlying mechanisms, processes, and boundary conditions. That is, I am particularly keen to understand under what conditions work redesign interventions are effective, why they are effective, and for whom they are effective.
  • Future of Work
    I am interested in exploring how the changing nature of work is impacting work design, wellbeing and performance. This includes investigating how the relational aspects of work are shaped by new technologies and working styles, and impact outcomes such as engagement, motivation, and wellbeing. It also includes unpacking the changing nature of work demands (e.g., close monitoring, pressure to be available beyond office hours), and relationships with coping responses (e.g., multitasking, detachment from work, recovery) and wellbeing.


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Book Chapter

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