Dr Rachel Gormal

Research Fellow

Queensland Brain Institute
+61 7 334 63339


Research Interests

  • Super-resolution Microscopy Techniques and Analysis
  • The applicaton of nanobodies in cell biology
  • Structural Biology and in silico modelling


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University
  • Bachelor of Sciences, The University of Queensland


  • Akefe, Isaac O, Saber, Saber H, Matthews, Benjamin, Venkatesh, Bharat G, Gormal, Rachel S, Blackmore, Daniel G, Alexander, Suzy, Sieriecki, Emma, Gambin, Yann, Bertran-Gonzalez, Jesus, Vitale, Nicolas, Humeau, Yann, Gaudin, Arnaud, Ellis, Sevannah A, Michaels, Alysee A, Xue, Mingshan, Cravatt, Benjamin, Joensuu, Merja, Wallis, Tristan P and Meunier, Frédéric A (2024). The DDHD2-STXBP1 interaction mediates long-term memory via generation of saturated free fatty acids. The EMBO Journal, 43 (4), 1-35. doi: 10.1038/s44318-024-00030-7

  • Gormal, Rachel S., Martinez-Marmol, Ramon, Brooks, Andrew J. and Meunier, Frédéric A. (2024). Location, location, location: Protein kinase nanoclustering for optimised signalling output. eLife, 13 ARTN e93902, 1-21. doi: 10.7554/elife.93902

  • Syed, Parnayan, Gormal, Rachel S., Sondergaard, Birgitte, Nelson, Mariana, Broide, Ron S. and Meunier, Frédéric A. (2024). BoNT-A Targets Sensitized TRPV1-Positive DRG Neurons at Therapeutic Concentrations. Toxicon, 237 107497, 107497. doi: 10.1016/j.toxicon.2024.107497

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  • Doctor Philosophy

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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Sanders, Shanley F., Mollazade, Mahdie, Wallis, Tristan P., Gormal, Rachel S., Joensuu, Merja, Wark, Jesse R., Waardenberg, Ashley J., Small, Christopher, Graham, Mark E., Martinez-Marmol, Ramon and Meunier, Frederic A. (2023). Tau - A master regulator of recycling synaptic vesicle clustering at the presynapse. ISN-ESN 2023 Meeting, Porto, Portugal, 8 - 11 August 2023. Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. doi: 10.1111/jnc.15897

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