Ms Sherie Bruce

Research Officer

Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation


PhD Student, University Researcher

My research is focused on endemic Australian fungi, their biology and biotechnological applications.

Sherie is an Aboriginal PhD student in the ARC Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods, hosted by the Centre for Food and Nutrition Science, a division of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation Research Centre at the University of Queensland.

Sherie is passionate about combining Aboriginal Science and western science for positive outcomes to benefit Australian First Nations.

Australian First Nations and Fungi Australia's First Peoples are Australia's First Scientists with over 65,000 years of knowledge. From their insight into the stars, ocean movements, and weather patterns to their management of bushfires, we still benefit from their practices today.

My research areas include:

Fungal ecology & metagenomics, fungal evolution, phylogeny and taxonomy, fungal food technology and food safety.

Research Impacts

Sherie aims to provide new knowledge on endemic Australian fungi and their uses by Australias First Peoples. By investigating their nutritional properties and biologically active compounds, Sherie is focussed on developing economic opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples on Country.