Dr Hanh Dao Tran

Research Fellow

Faculty of Medicine


Hanh Dao is a committed early-career nurse academic with over 10 years of experience in clinical nursing practice, university teaching, and health research across diverse cultures and settings. Her areas of research interest and expertise encompass outcome measurement and evaluation, trauma exposure, health behaviours, mental health (stress, depression, and PTSD), chronic diseases (diabetes and dementia), health services, women's health, and cross-cultural comparisons. She possesses a strong passion for enhancing healthcare services for vulnerable populations, including but not limited to older adults, women, and immigrants. Hanh Dao is interested in having connections and collaborations with those who share her research interests and enthusiasm.

Research Interests

  • aged care
    health behaviours; chronic disease (diabetes, dementia), mental health, self-management of chronic disease
  • cultural comparision
    explore similarities and differences in health behaviours, quality of life and chronic disease among people from different cultures.
  • outcome measurement
    development and validation self-report outcome measurement, pyschometric systematic review
  • healthcare services
    support services for chronic disease self-management (self-management support, advance care planning)
  • Healthcare profesionals' competence, health and well-being
    nurses' competence, paramedics' mental health
  • Trauma exposure, coping, and mental health
    Exploring trauma exposure and the mechanism by whuch trauma exposure influences mental health

Research Impacts

Measurement tools developed and validated by Hanh Dao have been freely used internationally in multi-disciplinary research (for example: Vietnamese version of Perceived Stress Scale, Vietnamese version of Diabetes Self-management Instrument).


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