Professor Nick Cook

Program Leader, Total Deposit Knowl

W.H. Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre
Sustainable Minerals Institute



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Book Chapter

  • Vanhanen, E., Cook, N. D. J., Hudson, M. R., Dahlenborg, L., Ranta, J. P., Havela, T., Kinnunen, J., Molnár, F., Prave, A. R. and Oliver, N. H. S. (2015). The Rompas Prospect, Peräpohja Schist Belt, Northern Finland. Mineral deposits of Finland. (pp. 467-484) Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. doi: 10.1016/b978-0-12-410438-9.00018-2

  • Davidson, I., Cook, N. D. J., Fischer, M., Ridges, M., Ross, J. and Sutton, S. A. (2005). Archaeology in another country: exchange and symbols in North West Central Queensland. Many exchanges: archaeology, history, community and the work of Isabel McBryde. (pp. 101-128) Canberra, ACT Australia: Aboriginal History.

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