Honorary Professor Emanuele Bajo

Honorary Professor

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Emanuele Bajo is Professor of Finance at the University of Bologna, Associate Dean at the University of Bologna Business School (BBS) and Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland. In the past he has been Adjunct Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, San Diego State University and Visiting Researcher at Boston College.

His research interests and major publications are mainly related to IPO, Household Finance and Corporate Risk Management. He has published numerous articles in prestigious finance journals (among others, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance and Journal of Banking and Finance) and two books (Convertible bonds and Corporate risk management).

He is the Executive Editor of the Journal of Economics and Business. In the past he also worked in business consulting and he is the founder of the web site Borse.it, one of the leading financial web sites in Italy.


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