Professor Trevor Ireland

Professorial Research Fellow

School of the Environment
Faculty of Science
+61 7 334 64093


Professor Trevor Ireland has research interests that span geochronology, isotope geochemistry through to cosmochemistry. The common link between these areas is the use of in situ microanalysis of geological and extraterrestrial samples by focused ion beam methodologies. He has current research topics aligned with the asteroid sample return missions to Ryugu and Bennu by the JAXA Hayabusa2 and NASA Osiris REx missions respectively; Samples of Ryugu are currently being prepared for distribution and analysis. Professor Ireland obtained his PhD at The Australian National University and following appointments at Washington University in St Louis, Max-Planck-Institut in Mainz, UCLA and Stanford, before he returned to lead the SHRIMP (Sensitive High Resolution Ion MicroProbe) Group at ANU. Professor Ireland has taken up an appointment to establish a SHRIMP analytical facility at UQ.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University


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Book Chapter

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