Dr Paul Lee-Archer

ATH - Associate Professor

Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Dr Lee-Archer is a consultant paediatric anaesthetist and early career researcher. He works as a staff specialist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital where he is head of research. He is the Queensland representative on the SPANZA Research Sub-Committee. He is currently completing a PhD on behaviour change in children after general anaesthesia (due for completion this year).

Dr Lee-Archer has an interest in patient-centred outcomes in paediatric perioperative medicine. He is a member of the Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) Committee at the Queensland Children’s Hospital – a group that aims to improve the development, validation and implementation of PROMs for children and their families.

Dr Lee-Archer has experience with multi-centre and international trials, he is the site investigator for the TREX trial (a comparison of two general anaesthetics for infants on neuro-developmental outcomes). He is also a member of the Paediatric Critical Care Research Group, a group with an impressive track record of grant funding and research output.

Dr Lee-Archer was the scientific and co-convenor of the combined SPANZA/APAGBI meeting in Brisbane in 2019. He is the deputy chair of the ANZCA Queensland Regional Committee and is the Queensland representative on the ANZCA Scholar Role Sub-Committee.


  • Doctor of Philosophy of Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine, The University of Queensland
  • Doctor of Philosophy of Paediatrics, The University of Queensland


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