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I am a clinician scientist and academic leader with research in melanoma cell biology and experimental melanoma therapy. I received my degree in medicine from the University of Heidelberg, Germany (1990-1998). I graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Heidelberg (1993-1999) and trained in clinical dermatology at the University of Hamburg, Germany (1999-2003). In 2003 I moved to Philadelphia, PA, to work as a post-doctoral fellow in Meenhard Herlyn’s lab at The Wistar Institute (2003-2007). From there I was recruited as an associate faculty member to the Centenary Institute/University of Sydney (2007-2013). In 2013 I commenced a position as Associate Professor for Cutaneous Oncology at University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (now Frazer Institute) and was promoted to full Professor in April 2016.

Research Impacts

Using cutting-edge technology, including real-time cell cycle imaging in 3D culture and in vivo, my team studies the role of dynamic melanoma heterogeneity in melanomagenesis with the goal to develop novel therapeutic approaches by simultaneously targeting different tumor cell subpopulations. My laboratory and our team are in the unique position to combine sophisticated imaging and biosensor approaches with biochemical methods to provide unprecedented insight to the mechanisms of tumor heterogeneity, tumor-stroma interactions and cancer immunology.

My contribution to the field is best evidenced by 97 original papers and invited reviews in leading biomedical journals. Many of our papers have a large impact in the field (>7500 citations in total, and 19 papers cited >100 times each). The papers in Mol Cancer Ther (2006, cited >500x), Cancer Res (2007, cited 265x) and PNAS (2008, cited 1500x) were evaluated by Faculty 1000 Biology as recommended or exceptional, respectively.


  • Doctoral Diploma, Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg


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Book Chapter

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  • Guan, Yimeng, Gunasingh, Gency and Haass, Nikolas (2023). Specific T cells infiltration assay. The University of Queensland. (Dataset) doi: 10.48610/ede5871

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