Dr Adrien Guyot

Secondee Fellow

School of the Environment
Faculty of Science


Dr Adrien Guyot is an environmental scientist whose research focuses on the impacts of climate variability on ecosystems. His current role at the School of Civil Engineering within the University of Queensland is to manage projects, in the different aspects of their lifetime: from attracting fundings to support research, designing methods to address fundamental or practical issues, implementing and following up everyday life of projects, to the delivery and the communication of the results. He is using a combination of cutting edge environmental sensors and advanced numerical models to address the complexity of the processes. He is currently working on a few applied projects (details below), with a particular focus on specific issues related to Australian landscapes: droughts and wildfires. He is particularly interested in developing methods to characterise processes to further improve environmental management.

Adrien is also involved in teaching, giving some guest lectures in catchment hydrology courses, or sustainable designs at The University of Queensland. He is always keen to work with undergraduate and postgraduate students and regularly proposes some projects. Feel free to contact him!

Research Impacts

Current research projects

Land-Atmosphere interactions in coastal shallow aquifer wetland ecosystems in the context of climate variability: a case study in a coastal sandy mass island in the east coast of Australia.

Developing tools to better understand processes linking vegetation moisture content and its flammability: monitoring, modelling and assessing ecosystem fire risk.


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