Dr Carlos Ponce Campuzano

Associate Lecturer

Faculty of Science


I am a mathematician working on the design and integration of online learning modules and interactive mathematical applets for the School of Mathematics and Physics.


  • Master of Sciences, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Doctor of Sciences, Instituto Politécnico Nacional


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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Ponce Campuzano, Juan Carlos (2021). Open-source online tools to visualise and explore complex functions with domain colouring. 13th Southern Hemisphere Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics, Auckland, New Zealand (Virtual), 22-25 November 2021. Auckland, New Zealand:

  • Hillock, Poh Wah and Ponce Campuzano, Juan Carlos (2021). Course redesign for flexible delivery and increased engagement. Herenga Delta Conference 2021 , Online, 22-25 November 2021.

  • Wegener, Margaret J., Kenny, Elise , Ponce Campuzano, Juan , Roberts, Anthony P., Matthews, Kelly and McIntyre, Timothy J. (2017). Using interactive simulations to enhance student engagement in mathematics and physics. Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, Melbourne, Australia, 27-28 September 2017.

  • McIntyre, T. J., Wegener, M. J., Roberts, A. P., Kenny, E. P., Ponce Campuzano, J. C. and Matthews, K. (2016). Active learning using interactive simulations. Joint Asia Pacific Physics Conference and Australian Institute of Physics Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 4-8 December 2016.

  • McIntyre, Timothy J., Roberts, Anthony P., Wegener, Margaret J., Juan Ponce Campuzano, Elise Kenny and Matthews, Kelly (2016). Dynamic, interactive simulations for enhancing student learning. Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 28-29 September 2016.

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