Dr Gurion Ang


School of the Environment
Faculty of Science


School of the Environment
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 52138


  • I do my best work in the classroom: I am a teaching-focussed academic specialising in ecology and zoology with the UQ School of the Environment (SENV). I coordinate BIOL2010 Ecology / BIOL2910 Advanced Ecology, and SCIE3010 Science Engagement in the Community, and teach into a variety of other biology courses and pre-service teaching courses.
  • Our science undergraduate students inspire me! I'm the Bachelor of Science Program Director at our Faculty of Science and in this role I provide overarching leadership around the positioning, review, renewal, quality assurance, and student experience for UQ's Bachelor of Science program. I am always keen to hear from our BSc students about your student experience!
  • Within SENV I chair an incredible team of colleagues in my capacity as Director of Engagement and Advancement, which manages the relationship between us and our future students, international university partners, alumni, donors, and industry partners.
  • I contribute to increasing teaching capacity in our higher-degree research student community by providing those who are appointed as casual academics with professional development in the scholarship of teaching and learning, in my capacity as my School's Tutor Coordinator.
  • I get to support secondary teachers in Queensland train our next generation of scientists! I deliver professional development workshops to senior science teachers, science technicians, and teacher librarians. Together, we have built a strong community of best practice in teaching secondary biology in Queensland.
  • I lead an award-winning team (informally known as the 'G-Unit') that engages with high schools in Queensland and key international university partners, and this includes the development and delivery of bespoke learning immersions (including study tours), future student recruitment, and science communication.
  • The research I currently do spans the secondary to tertiary education transition space and I am interested in characterising and developing best practice in teaching in secondary and university biology classrooms. My secondary area of interest is in university education business development.
  • I still get to indulge in my love for the weird and whimsical natural world. I completed my PhD in 2017 on insect-plant interactions and still dabble in behavioural ecology research: understanding the intricate relationships between plants and their insect partners enable us to learn more about the ecosystem services they provide.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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