Dr Supreet Marathe

ATH - Lecturer

Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Dr Marathe is a congenital cardiac surgeon at Queensland Children's Hospital. He has trained in India, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia and Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School in the USA. He joined the team in Brisbane as a surgeon-scientist. He is an early career researcher and research administrator. As a research administrator, he is responsible for the organization of the academic and teaching program. He also supports and guides medical students, fellows and nursing staff conducting research projects apart from recruiting and mentoring medical students from UQ.

Research Impacts

As a core researcher, Dr. Marathe has completed several collaborative research projects with the Australia-New Zealand Fontan Registry as well as multi-center clinical outcomes studies within Australia and New Zealand. His second area of research focuses on right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduits (a common paediatric cardiac surgical procedure). The results of these studies have translated to a change in clinical practice in favour of pulmonary homografts and will have a similar effect on decision making and informed consent in other units around the world. In addition, his time spent in the United States at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School exposed him to an experienced and world-renowned team of researchers. A lot of his work there focussed on a unique patient population undergoing complex biventricular repair. Dr. Marathe has published several papers to date mostly focusing on clinical outcomes. These studies have international implications and have changed practice throughout the world. More recently, Dr. Marathe is completing his PhD in the use of artificial intelligence in reporting outcomes after pediatric cardiac surgery.


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Book Chapter

  • Marathe, Supreet P. and Vaideeswar, Pradeep (2022). Rheumatic heart disease and prosthetic valvular thrombosis. Tropical cardiovascular pathology. (pp. 49-52) edited by Pradeep Vaideeswar. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore. doi: 10.1007/978-981-19-3720-0_8

Journal Article

Conference Publication

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