Dr Belinda Wade

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Professor Belinda Wade is an Industry Professor within the University of Queensland Business School.

Belinda maintains an active research program which examines and is designed to assist organisational progress on climate and sustainability issues with a key focus on decarbonisation and transitions under climate change challenges. Recent research has highlighted decarbonising actions taken within contrasting Australian industry sectors, the dynamic capabilities which can promote greater adaptation to market changes, and, potential for circular principles to be applied develop new business models. Belinda's current major projects include collaborations with Princeton University under the Rapid Switch initiative (focus on decarbonisation) and under the Future Fuels CRC (hydrogen adoption).

Belinda’s research is driven by industry problems and she actively publishes results in industry reports and popular media to extend the reach of her research, in addition to academic publications (recent works in Journal of Business Ethics and Nature Climate Change). Belinda has been the lead author on several industry reports including a recent examination of the climate performance of the Australian superannuation sector and the perception of future fuels (hydrogen) by the Australian public. Belinda is a regular editorial columnist with articles in Entrepreneur Magazine (online), SmartCompany, and The UK Newspaper, and has been featured in ABC Radio National’s Future Tense program and Nine News.

Through her career Belinda has worked extensively within industry, consulting and academia. These positions include within major energy providers Tarong Energy (now Stanwell) and Energex Retail, Australian leading consulting firm Aurecon and academic positions with the University of Queensland where she established and led the Business Sustainability Initiative.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, The University of Queensland


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