Dr Chinthaka Samaranayake

ATH - Senior Lecturer

Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Chinthaka Samaranayake is a Thoracic and Sleep physician and specialist in pulmonary vascular diseases, exercise physiology and thoracic malignancy. He graduated top of his class from The University of Auckland Medical School in 2011, and completed specialist physician training in Queensland, Australia. Dr Samaranayake has received extensive training in respiratory and sleep medicine, pulmonary vascular disease and interventions having worked at several Respiratory and Cardiology units across New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. After completing specialist training, he pursued post-graduate research fellowship for 2 years at Royal Brompton Hospital, London UK, working in the field of pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary embolism (2020-2022) whilst completing a PhD in experimetal and translational medicine which included conducting first-in-human clinical studies in three disease entities in collaboration with colleagues at Imperial College London. He subsequently worked as a Consultant Physician in Pulmonary Hypertension at Royal Brompton Hospital, before returning to Australia in 2023.

Dr Samaranayake’s research interests includes metabolic modulation of right ventricular function, invasive and non-invasive exercise physiology assessments, and early diagnosis and interventions in lung cancer. Dr Samaranayake has an established research track record in cardiopulmonary medicine, and his PhD research received a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Postgraduate Scholarship. He has led several investigator-initiated clinical trials as chief investigator, including two randomised controlled trials. He has received numerous clinical and research awards for his work including a highly prestigious European Respiratory Society and APSR Young Investigator Award in 2022.

Dr Samaranayake currently works as a Consultant Thoracic Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.


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  • Samaranayake, Chinthaka B. and Wort, S. John (2023). Acute pulmonary embolism with comorbidities — how should i change my approach?. Emergent pulmonary embolism management in hospital practice. (pp. 101-111) edited by Colm McCabe and Aaron Waxman. Munich, Germany: World Scientific Publishing. doi: 10.1142/9781800612778_0008

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