Dr Christine Dudgeon

Research Fellow

School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 334 67975



  • Doctor of Philosphy, The University of Queensland


  • Hirschfeld, Maximilian, Barnett, Adam, Sheaves, Marcus and Dudgeon, Christine (2023). What Darwin could not see: island formation and historical sea levels shape genetic divergence and island biogeography in a coastal marine species. Heredity, 131 (3), 189-200. doi: 10.1038/s41437-023-00635-4

  • Udyawer, Vinay, Huveneers, Charlie, Jaine, Fabrice, Babcock, Russell C., Brodie, Stephanie, Buscot, Marie-Jeanne, Campbell, Hamish A., Harcourt, Robert G., Hoenner, Xavier, Lédée, Elodie J. I., Simpfendorfer, Colin A., Taylor, Matthew D., Armstrong, Asia, Barnett, Adam, Brown, Culum, Bruce, Barry, Butcher, Paul A., Cadiou, Gwenael, Couturier, Lydie I. E., Currey-Randall, Leanne, Drew, Michael, Dudgeon, Christine L., Dwyer, Ross G., Espinoza, Mario, Ferreira, Luciana C., Fowler, Anthony, Harasti, David, Harborne, Alastair R., Knott, Nathan A. ... Heupel, Michelle R. (2023). Scaling of activity space in marine organisms across latitudinal gradients. The American Naturalist, 201 (4), 586-602. doi: 10.1086/723405

  • Andrzejaczek, Samantha, Lucas, Tim C.D., Goodman, Maurice C., Hussey, Nigel E., Armstrong, Amelia J., Carlisle, Aaron, Coffey, Daniel M., Gleiss, Adrian C., Huveneers, Charlie, Jacoby, David M. P., Meekan, Mark G., Mourier, Johann, Peel, Lauren R., Abrantes, Kátya, Afonso, André S., Ajemian, Matthew J., Anderson, Brooke N., Anderson, Scot D., Araujo, Gonzalo, Armstrong, Asia O., Bach, Pascal, Barnett, Adam, Bennett, Mike B., Bezerra, Natalia A., Bonfil, Ramon, Boustany, Andre M., Bowlby, Heather D., Branco, Ilka, Braun, Camrin D. ... Curnick, David J. (2022). Diving into the vertical dimension of elasmobranch movement ecology. Science Advances, 8 (33) eabo1754, 1-19. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abo1754

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  • VanderWright, Wade J., Dudgeon, Christine L., Erdmann, Mark V., Sianipar, Abraham and Dulvy, Nicholas K. (2022). Extinction risk and the small population paradigm in the micro-endemic radiation of Epaulette sharks. Imperiled: The encyclopedia of conservation. (pp. 752-762) edited by Dominick A. DellaSala and Michael I. Goldstein. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-821139-7.00130-6

  • Dudgeon, Christine L., Kilpatrick, Carley, Armstrong, Asia, Armstrong, Amelia, Bennett, Mike B., Bowden, Deborah, Richardson, Anthony J., Townsend, Kathy A. and Hawkins, Elizabeth (2019). Citizen science photographic identification of marine megafauna populations in the Moreton Bay Marine Park. Moreton Bay Quandamooka and catchment: past, present, and future. (pp. 475-490) edited by Ian R. Tibbetts, Peter C. Rothlisberg, David T. Neil, Tamara A. Homburg, David T. Brewer and Angela H. Arthington. Newstead, QLD, Australia: The Moreton Bay Foundation. doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.8085668

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