Dr Yves-Marie Bozec

Research Fellow

School of the Environment
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 56908


My research integrates empirical data and mechanistic models to understand the dynamics of coral reef populations and ecosystems across a range of spatial scales. I am particularly interested in the processes that regulate reef populations and shape their resilience in space and time. My current research focuses on assessing the cumulative impacts of recent and future disturbances across Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I also explore scenarios of climate change and strategies of management interventions to help corals persist and adapt from the impacts of warming.


  • Doctor of Philosophy of Environmental Sciences, Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • Masters (Coursework) of Science, Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • Masters (Research) of Marine and Estuarine Ecology, Pierre and Marie Curie University


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Book Chapter

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