Protecting aquifers in the race to net-zero carbon emissions (2024–2027)

This project aims to address the key risk factor of gas leakage from carbon dioxide geological sequestration and hydrogen or compressed air renewable-energy storage. This project expects to develop innovative methods for monitoring gas leakage contamination into overlying Australian aquifer water resources. Expected outcomes of this project include a multidisciplinary method to detect leakages of CO2 and future stored-energy gases that can contaminate aquifers. This should provide significant benefits including enabling greenhouse gas emissions reduction while protecting Australian water resources. This is critically important for Great Artesian Basin aquifers that support over 180,000 Australians and overlie many planned storage sites.
Grant type:
ARC Mid-Career Industry Fellowships
  • ARC Mid-Career Industry Fellow
    UQ Gas & Energy Transition Research Centre
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council