Combining biomechanics and movement ecology of kangaroos and relatives (ARC Discovery Project administered by University of the Sunshine Coast) (2023–2026)

Kangaroos and their relatives are unique in their body form, hopping gait and by the fact that increased speed does not come at an increased energetic cost. This project aims to build 3D musculoskeletal models to understand how muscles and tendons interact, enabling greater distances to be travelled using less energy. Further, it will use animal tracking devices and machine-learning tools to quantify movements in the wild. This framework will provide novel insights into how energetics, morphology, and habitat have shaped the evolution of this unique group. This may open doors to a range of future ecological, physiological, and conservation studies and provide biological inspiration for energetically efficient robotic and assistive devices.
Grant type:
University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Senior Lecturer
    School of Biomedical Sciences
    Faculty of Medicine
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University of the Sunshine Coast