Taking control: variations in forced psychiatric treatment in the community (ARC Discovery Project administered by La Trobe University) (2023–2026)

This interdisciplinary project aims to produce a comprehensive understanding of the drivers underpinning variations in the use of legal orders to enforce psychiatric treatment in the community without consent. Australia¿s rate of use of these controversial orders is very high and there are unexplained variations in rates of use within and between jurisdictions, with some minority groups disproportionately affected. Uncovering this knowledge will act as a form of procedural justice for those who have had their human rights limited by compulsion. This knowledge is expected to lead to innovations in law and policy, with subsequent organisational and system improvements, generating profound benefits for those affected by forced treatment.
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La Trobe University
  • Professor of Psychiatry
    Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
    Faculty of Medicine
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La Trobe University