Dispersing myths; Characterising human migration through Asia - (ARC Discovery Project administered by Macquarie University) (2023–2026)

The human journey across the globe is one of our greatest achievements, yet the archaeological evidence for the earliest migrations is poorly dated, plagued by uncertainty and often overlooked. This project aims to characterise the nature of early human dispersals across Asia en route to Australasia by going beyond the timing and identification of human evidence to explore their behaviour, health and adaptability. Reconsidering early migrations within their environmental context will allow an assessment of their feasibility and address the disparity between the genetic and physical evidence. By elucidating the story of the greatest human journey we will develop a new understanding and appreciation of our survival and adaption capabilities.
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Macquarie University
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer
    School of Social Science
    Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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Macquarie University