Venom-derived blood-brain-barrier shuttles (2023–2026)

The project investigates how venom compounds can reach targets in the brain and aims to use this knowledge to develop non-toxic and non-invasive brain delivery systems. This research will lead to several benefits: (i) knowledge gains on naturally evolved strategies to get macromolecules across the blood-brain-barrier; (ii) technological advancements in brain delivery strategies and probe development to accelerate fundamental research; (iii) economic benefits, as breakthroughs in brain delivery technologies can lead to multi-million-dollar returns; (iv) enhancement of Australia's research capacity due to the project's multidisciplinary nature, the outstanding research environment, the knowledge/skill transfer from Europe to Australia, and the world-class training of the next generation of scientists; (v) promotion of Australias scientific excellence and recognition in the areas of chemical biology and natural product discovery research, via both academic and non-academic channels, and (vi) new national and international collaborations to strengthen Australias competitiveness on an international level.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council